Welcome to The Active Librarian, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal designed to improve public librarianship by reporting on repeatable and data-driven initiatives. 

We hope to become a repository of best practices among public librarians for developing new services and enhancing existing ones.  For public librarians, best practices are often too diffuse and fragmented, spread across a wide-swath of space: peer-reviewed journals, news sites, mailing lists, forums.  We want to centralize this information.  

Many articles on library initiatives also tend to lack detail, leaving readers confused or unclear on how to implement such services.  Our publications will present clear and specific details about projects and programs so that they can be repeated by other librarians.

For more detail, read about our scope and acceptable submissions on our About Page.

May Issue Published (one day late)!

We cover quite a range of topics here--the open mic experience, 3D printing, and veteran outreach. Now just imagine a submission combining all of that...?

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Online Submissions!

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In short: if you do something well and want to share it -- and you're a librarian, so you probably want to share it! -- then submit to us. 

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